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It's a long way from the U.S. to Japan.

Distance is measured in more than miles when high-technology sales are involved. Everything from business customs to documentation requirements differ between the two countries. Understanding those differences and minimizing their impact in order to facilitate the sale and purchase of high technology items is the singular expertise of AIR FRAME and it's Japanese partner, Nippon Aircraft Supply (NAS).

Together, these companies represent an unequaled capability and an unusual opportunity for both American companies seeking out-of-country sourcing for their high technology requirements. Our blending of knowledge, market awareness, and service makes a measurable marketing and acquisition difference to some of the largest high technology companies in both countries. Companies have found their interests best served by this unique alliance.

matilda robotKnowing what to do, and where to do it, does make a difference. For companies seeking to sell high technology to the Japanese commercial and military marketplace, our assistance can make the difference between being a major presence in the Japanese market and being unknown. For Japanese companies seeking on-time delivery of high quality, high technology items. as well as capable, competent follow-up support, AIR FRAME provides a vital link to American companies that possess the knowledge, capability, and willingness to meet those needs. With your companies' business and prestige on the line, you need the best representation and assistance available. There is no room for error, and no time for training. You need a firm that understands the culture, language, and business practices of both countries, and the best ways to successfully meld them to produce results.

In today's marketplace, knowledge is a priceless advantage. The partnership between AIR FRAME and NAS ia a vital link in the chain from the American seller to Japanese buyer. AIR FRAME acts as the exporter, providing customer liaison, MITI licensing, Japanese marketing, after-sale service and support, and the vital knowledge of the military and industrial leadership that can only come with decades of Japanese experience.

Through it's three offices strategically located in Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka), NAS provides personal, face-to-face marketing that is essential to Japanese clients. Their personnel have to extensive knowledge and associations with the defense and industrial leadership. In a country where business is often based on personal relationships, this contact is vital. For the American company, the alliance with AIR FRAME means having the knowledgeable American representative as the primary interface with easy access during working hours, by phone, FAX or domestic travel. These companies are prepared to deliver, on time, the quality and quantity of high-technology goods required by Japanese buyers. While many companies claim to have such capability, AIR FRAME knows which ones have been meeting their contractual obligations, and the demands of their Japanese clients, for years.

The AIRFRAME/NAS team has extensive knowledge of the high-technology marketplace of the respective countries. That means knowing the about the requirements and trends, as they emerge, and being aware of the subtle changes in the ever-evolving market for these specialized items. The ability to know and act on emerging marketing prospects has been vital to the enormous success enjoyed by AIR FRAME. Success that your company can participate in.

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